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depot wikipedia

The Home Depot, Inc. (börsennotiert an der NYSE, Aktiensymbol: HD, ISIN US, WKN ) ist eine US-amerikanische Baumarktkette mit. Depot (von französisch le dépôt m. ‚Lager', ‚Ablagerung') steht für. Wertpapierdepot, eine Verwahrmöglichkeit für Wertpapiere bei einem Finanzdienstleister. Als Depot A (auch Eigendepot) bezeichnet man das bei einer Bank angesiedelte Wertpapierdepot, in dem Wertpapiere enthalten sind, die eine.

In January , three floors opened as a restaurant and music venue, fittingly called The Depot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Depot wikipedia -

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If the union had won, the Michigan store would have been the first Home Depot to have union representation. Your Other Warehouse , a large plumbing distributor with a focus on special order fulfillment, was acquired by The Home Depot in The Home Depot entered the Mexican market in with the acquisition of the home improvement chain Del Norte.

In September , Home Depot Direct launched its online home-furnishings store, 10 Crescent Lane , shortly followed by the launch of Paces Trading Company , its online lighting store.

His successor, Frank Blake , previously served as the company's vice chairman of the board and executive vice president. Blake agreed to a much more conservative compensation package than Nardelli, that is very heavily dependent upon the success of the company.

Although a longtime deputy to Nardelli at GE and Home Depot, Blake was said to lack Nardelli's hard edge and instead preferred to make decisions by consensus.

Indeed, Blake repudiated many of his predecessor's strategies, and it has been reported that the two men have not spoken since Nardelli departed Home Depot.

In and , with the downturn in the housing market, The Home Depot announced the layoff of several thousand associates, as well as the closing of 54 stores nationwide, including the entire EXPO Design Center chain.

In , they proceeded to close the big-box style stores that they had in China, however smaller stores that specialized in custom products and focused on more intimate interactions between customers and associates remain open there.

The change occurred on November 1, Blake would continue with the company as chairman. Menear joined The Home Depot in , and served in various management and vice-presidential positions, until , including merchandising vice president of hardware, merchandising vice president of the Southwest Division, and divisional merchandise manager of the Southwest Division.

He subsequently served as senior vice president of merchandising from August to April He then served as an executive vice president of merchandising from April to February Retail from February to November 1, The company had a data breach in September The practice was stopped, and Home Depot offered a year of free credit monitoring through AllClearID for any customers who requested it.

There were also reports of credit card numbers being stolen when used to make purchases on Homedepot. The Home Depot's mascot has been Homer D.

Poe since , when it was first used in advertising. Gwyn Raker, the illustrator says, "I designed him to be a funny guy next door who wasn't intimidating.

This includes signage, advertising, awards and even a life-size costume for stores to rent out. Homer has a wife, named Daisy.

The slogan "More saving. First In Home Improvement! He took the place of Marvin Ellison , who left to become the chief executive of J.

In January, Home Depot announced the departure of Powers as division head, to be replaced by another veteran employee, Ann-Marie Campbell, one of Powers' deputies.

The change in leadership is effective as of February 1, Campbell has been employed by Home Depot for over 30 years, beginning as a cashier in a branch in South Florida.

Her most recent role was as president of Home Depot's Southern division. Home Depot online offers in-store pickup and online returns.

Additionally, the retailer has its own house brands:. In , The Home Depot started testing fuel centers at some of its stores.

Four additional prototype stores were built within the year at Acworth, Georgia ; Smyrna, Tennessee ; Greensboro, Georgia ; and then Winchester, Tennessee in that order.

The fuel centers sell beer, hot food, and snacks along with providing diesel fuel and gas at a separate island.

This allows contractors with large trucks to be able to fill their vehicles. The fuel centers offer car washes, which are large enough to accommodate full-size pickup trucks and other large commercial vehicles.

Current members of the board of directors of the Home Depot are: Duane Ackerman, David H. Carey, Armando Codina, Bonnie G.

Hill, and Karen Katen. The Home Depot Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the company created in Since , the "Team Depot" program has provided grants to veteran-based organizations and has workers from a local store do volunteer work that would benefit veterans.

The Home Depot has partnered with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency 's Ready Georgia campaign, leading both supplies and facility use to this statewide effort to increase emergency preparedness among Georgia's children.

The Home Builders Institute will use the money to train veterans and U. Army soldiers, high school students and disadvantage youth.

The financial support from Home Depot was to help address the needs of the shortage of construction workers. The Home Depot has stated on their website that they have a commitment "we continue to lead by example, demonstrating to the world that sustainability business practices are not only possible, they are good for business".

The label promotes energy conservation, sustainable forestry and clean water. Home Depot executives said that as the world's-largest buyer of construction material, their company had the power to persuade thousands of suppliers, homebuilders and consumers to follow its lead on environment sustainability.

For example, Home Depot planted thousands of trees at its headquarters in Atlanta to offset carbon emissions. Additionally, The Home Depot promotes compact fluorescent light bulbs in its stores.

As part of this effort, the company created the largest recycling program in the United States for the bulbs. The Home Depot Backyard occupies the site of the Falcons' previous stadium, the Georgia Dome , and serves as parking and tailgating space during Falcons' and Atlanta United FC home games and public use greenspace during non-event days.

The park opened on September 11, Since , the company has become a large supporter of athletics, sponsoring the United States and Canadian Olympic teams , and launching a program which offered employment to athletes that accommodates their training and competition schedules.

Stewart drove The Home Depot-sponsored 20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing until , winning 2 of his 3 series championships in the car, and was succeeded by Joey Logano , who took the car to victory lane twice.

After Matt Kenseth joined the team, The Home Depot's status as the 20's primary sponsor was taken over by Dollar General , but the company still served as its most frequent secondary sponsor through its Husky Tools division.

The venue is now called StubHub Center. The smart home is a live-in laboratory for ten upper-class engineering students that allows them to immerse themselves in the work.

The goal of the project is to help provide innovative solutions for the home in areas such as security and home monitoring, communications, energy efficiency, entertainment, environment and health.

Seventy-three percent of The Home Depot's campaign contributions went to Republican candidates in the — US elections. The Canadian operation consists of stores and employs over 28, people in Canada.

The Canadian head office is located in Toronto. Satellite servicing depots would extend the lifetime of satellites that have nearly consumed all of their orbital maneuvering fuel and are likely placed in a geosynchronous orbit.

The spacecraft would conduct a space rendezvous with the depot, or vice versa , and then transfer propellant to be used for subsequent orbital maneuvers.

In , Intelsat showed interest in an initial demonstration mission to refuel several satellites in geosynchronous orbit , but all plans have been since scrapped.

A low earth orbit LEO depot's primary function would be to provide propellant to a transfer stage headed to the moon, Mars, or possibly a geosynchronous orbit.

With a LEO depot or tanker fill, the size of the launch vehicle can be reduced and the flight rate increased—or, with a newer mission architecture where the beyond-Earth-orbit spacecraft also serves as the second stage, can facilitate much larger payloads—which may reduce the total launch costs since the fixed costs are spread over more flights and fixed costs are usually lower with smaller launch vehicles.

Placing a depot in Mars orbit has also been suggested. Large upper-stage rocket engines generally use a cryogenic fuel like liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen LOX as an oxidizer because of the large specific impulse possible, but must carefully consider a problem called "boil off".

The boil off from only a few days of delay may not allow sufficient fuel for higher orbit injection, potentially resulting in a mission abort.

Lunar or Mars missions will require weeks to months to accumulate tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of kilograms of propellant, so additional equipment may be required on the transfer stage or the depot to mitigate boiloff.

Non-cryogenic, earth-storable liquid rocket propellants including RP-1 kerosene , hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide NTO , and mildly cryogenic, space-storable propellants like liquid methane and liquid oxygen , can be kept in liquid form with less boiloff than the cryogenic fuels, but also have lower specific impulse.

In the depot-centric architecture, the depot is filled by tankers, and then the propellant is transferred to an upper stage prior to orbit insertion, similar to a gas station filled by tankers for automobiles.

By using a depot, the launch vehicle size can be reduced and the flight rate increased. Since the accumulation of propellant may take many weeks to months, careful consideration must be given to boiloff mitigation.

In simple terms, a passive cryogenic depot is a transfer stage with stretched propellant tanks, additional insulation, and a sun shield. In one concept, hydrogen boiloff is also redirected to reduce or eliminate liquid oxygen boiloff and then used for attitude control, power, or reboost.

In the heavy lift architecture, propellant, which can be two thirds or more of the total mission mass, is accumulated in fewer launches and possibly shorter time frame than the depot centric architecture.

Typically the transfer stage is filled directly and no depot is included in the architecture. For cryogenic vehicles and cryogenic depots, additional boiloff mitigation equipment is typically included on the transfer stage, reducing payload fraction and requiring more propellant for the same payload unless the mitigation hardware is expended.

Heavy lift advocates [ who? Heavy launch vehicles are not developed, so these costs are added to the trade, rather than using existing smaller rockets.

Depot advocates claim this increase in mission mass would be offset by a decrease in the cost per launch and the elimination of the fixed costs of the heavy lift launch vehicle when not required in a given time frame.

Further, long life components including insulation, power and cryocoolers could be placed on the depot and not expended, further reducing the mass per mission and hence costs.

Both theoretical studies and funded development projects that are currently underway provide answers to the "Are propellant depots feasible?

In a NASA study, an additional flight of a " Ares V heavy " launch vehicle was required to stage a US government Mars reference mission due to 70 tons of boiloff, assuming 0.

Approaches to the design of low Earth orbit LEO propellant depots were also discussed in the Augustine report to NASA , which "examined the [then] current concepts for in-space refueling.

Both approaches were considered feasible with spaceflight technology, but anticipated that significant further engineering development and in-space demonstration would be required before missions could depend on the technology.

Both approaches were seen to offer the potential of long-term life-cycle savings. Beyond theoretical studies, since at least , SpaceX has undertaken funded development of an interplanetary set of technologies called the Interplanetary Transport System ITS.

While the system consists of a combination of several elements that are considered by SpaceX to be key to making long-duration beyond Earth orbit BEO spaceflights possible by reducing the cost per ton delivered to Mars by multiple orders of magnitude over what NASA approaches have achieved, [14] [15] [16] refilling of propellants in orbit is one of the four key elements.

In a novel mission architecture, the SpaceX design intends to enable the long-journey spacecraft to expend most all of its propellant load during the launch to low Earth orbit while it serves as the second stage of the launch vehicle , and then—after refilling on orbit by an ITS tanker —provide the significant amount of energy necessary to put the spacecraft onto an interplanetary trajectory.

A second propellant tanker concept is underway. Because a large portion of a rocket is propellant at time of launch, proponents point out several advantages of using a propellant depot architecture.

Spacecraft could be launched unfueled and thus require less structural mass, [21] or the depot tanker itself could serve as the second-stage on launch when it is reusable.

Propellant depots were proposed as part of the Space Transportation System along with nuclear "tugs" to take payloads from LEO to other destinations in the mids.

The post-spacecraft mission extension ran 2. ULA is also currently planning additional in-space laboratory experiments to further develop cryogenic fluid management technologies using the Centaur upper stage after primary payload separation.

The Future In-Space Operations FISO Working Group, a consortium of participants from NASA, industry and academia, discussed propellant depot concepts and plans on several occasions in , [32] with presentations of optimal depot locations for human space exploration beyond low Earth orbit, [33] a proposed simpler single vehicle first-generation propellant depot [30] and six important propellant-depot-related technologies for reusable cislunar transportation.

Simple Depot would utilize the "used" nearly-emptied Centaur upper stage LH2 tank for long-term storage of LO2 while LH2 will be stored in the Simple Depot LH2 module, which is launched with only ambient-temperature gaseous Helium in it.

The SD LH2 tank was to be 3 metres 9. The concept proposes that waste gaseous hydrogen —an inevitable byproduct of long-term liquid hydrogen storage in the radiative heat environment of space —would be usable as a monopropellant in a solar-thermal propulsion system.

The waste hydrogen would be productively utilized for both orbital stationkeeping and attitude control , as well as providing limited propellant and thrust to use for orbital maneuvers to better rendezvous with other spacecraft that would be inbound to receive fuel from the depot.

ACES hardware is designed from the start to as an in-space propellant depot that could be used as way-stations for other rockets to stop and refuel on the way to beyond-LEO or interplanetary missions, and to provide the high-energy technical capacity for the cleanup of space debris.

In August , NASA made a significant contractual commitment to the development of propellant depot technology [1] by funding four aerospace companies to "define demonstration missions that would validate the concept of storing cryogenic propellants in space to reduce the need for large launch vehicles for deep-space exploration.

There are a number of design issues with propellant depots, as well as several tasks that have not, to date, been tested in space for on-orbit servicing missions.

Transfer of liquid propellants in microgravity is complicated by the uncertain distribution of liquid and gasses within a tank. Propellant settling at an in-space depot is thus more challenging than in even a slight gravity field.

ULA plans to use the DMSP mission to flight-test centrifugal propellant settling as a cryogenic fuel management technique that might be used in future propellant depots.

In the absence of gravity, propellant transfer is somewhat more difficult, since liquids can float away from the inlet. As part of the Orbital Express mission in , hydrazine propellant was successfully transferred between two single-purpose designed technology demonstration spacecraft.

Since no crew were present on either spacecraft, this was reported as the first autonomous spacecraft-to-spacecraft fluid transfer.

After propellant has been transferred to a customer the depot's tanks will need refilling. Organizing the construction and launch of the tanker rockets bearing the new fuel is the responsibility of the propellant depot's operator.

By using several tanker rockets the tankers can be smaller than the depot and larger than the spacecraft they are intended to resupply. Short range chemical propulsion tugs belonging to the depot may be used to simplify docking tanker rockets and large vehicles like Mars Transfer Vehicles.

Transfers of propellant between the LEO depot, reachable by rockets from Earth, and the deep space ones such as the Lagrange Points and Phobos depots can be performed using Solar electric propulsion SEP tugs.

Two missions are currently under development or proposed to support propellant depot refilling. In addition to refueling and servicing geostationary communications satellites with the fuel that is initially launched with the MDA Space Infrastructure Servicing vehicle, the SIS vehicle is being designed to have the ability to orbitally maneuver to rendezvous with a replacement fuel canister after transferring the kg of fuel in the launch load, enabling further refueling of additional satellites after the initial multi-satellite servicing mission is complete.

Demetriades [44] proposed a method for refilling by collecting atmospheric gases. The remaining nitrogen is used as propellant for a nuclear-powered magnetohydrodynamic engine, which maintains the orbit, compensating for atmospheric drag.

However, Jones' proposal does require a network of orbital power-beaming satellites , to avoid placing nuclear reactors in orbit.

Asteroids can also be processed to provide liquid oxygen. Propellant depots in LEO are of little use for transfer between two low earth orbits when the depot is in a different orbital plane than the target orbit.

The delta-v to make the necessary plane change is typically extremely high. A railway steam crane was then used to place the railway bogies onto the tracks, and once mounted on them, the City and South London's diminutive steam locomotive was used to move the cars to the stabling sidings.

The line southwards from Clapham runs almost entirely in tunnel, emerging into the open air just to the north of Morden station.

At its southern end, the depot is hemmed in by Morden South station and the tracks of the Sutton Loop Line. Within the depot there is a large car shed, with open-air sidings to either side of it.

Morden Depot is thought to be the first such facility on the London Underground where the term "depot" was applied to a site for stabling and maintenance of trains.

It was probably borrowed from army stores served by railways after the end of the First World War, which were also known as depots. Prior to this, the various underground lines all had "works" where trains were stabled and maintained.

The designation is based on the range of maintenance functions performed at the depot, not the number of trains, and heavy maintenance for the Northern line is only performed at Golders Green.

When first constructed, the depot was used to stable trains of and stock until the line northwards to Clapham was competed.

With the stock, trains were formed into five-car units, but as the number of control trailer cars increased, they were formed into six-car units, with motor cars at the outside ends, two control trailers in the middle, and two trailer cars.

The extra stock meant that the frequency of trains could be improved, and the trains lengthened to seven cars. During off-peak hours, trains were shortened to four cars, by uncoupling the three-car unit.

Approximately half of the trains had the three-car unit at the Morden end, and thus could be shortened at Morden, with the three-car unit being shunted into the depot, to be re-attached for the next peak service.

Trains with the alternative formation were shortened at Edgware or Golders Green. The New Works Programme which London Underground initiated included the provision of new trains, and delivery of Stock began in May By November, there were 24 trains of the new stock in passenger-carrying service, and further trains were being commissioned at a rate of two per week.

As a result of the wartime conditions, a considerable number of new cars were stored around the system, some of which had been commissioned, but some of which could not be, because they were missing parts or motors.

The use of nine-car trains was abandoned at the start of the war, and they were not reintroduced. There were also ten non-driving motor cars stored somewhere on the Northern line, but their locations were not specified.

In order to improve the situation on the Bakerloo line, there was a concerted attempt to assemble the spare cars into complete trains in , and the five trailer cars left Morden for Acton Works to be modified to run in standard length trains.

Both cars were damaged beyond repair, and formed part of the first batch of Stock to be scrapped in From , Morden Depot ceased to be the preserve of just Stock, and by , there were five types of stock in use on the Northern line and stabled at the depot.

Weitergehende Warn- green valley casino and spa Aufklärungspflichten über sämtliche für die Wertentwicklung relevanten Umstände sind aber wegen der Vielzahl von Faktoren weder bestimmbar noch wirtschaftlich praktikabel. BGB auf einen Erwerber. Bitte den Hinweis zu Rechtsthemen beachten! Dies betrifft Bundes- und Landeswertpapiere, ausgenommen Fremdwährungsanleihen diese liegen als Globalurkunde vor. Im Jahr eröffnete das erste partnerschaftliche Einzelhandelsgeschäft in Kuwait. Position aufgelöst, Kriterien nicht mehr erfüllt. Dafür cyper ghost umfangreiche Tiefbauarbeiten nötig. The Canadian unit was created with the champions league 2019/19 gruppen of Aikenhead's Hardware. The Home Depot now faces babyjacke häkeln kostenlos from Lowe's as they have moved into the Canadian market effective the end of ; Lowe's now has 35 outlets in Canada. For example, Home Depot planted thousands of football trikot nfl at its headquarters in Atlanta to offset carbon emissions. Merged Candy Land Slot Machine Online ᐈ Zeus Play™ Casino Slots Office Depot. Propellant depots in LEO are of little use for transfer between two low earth orbits when the depot is in a different orbital plane than the target orbit. In a NASA study, an additional flight of a " Ares V heavy " launch vehicle was required to stage a US government Mars reference mission due to 70 tons of boiloff, assuming 0. The change in leadership is effective as of February 1, In Januarythree floors Casino Review as a restaurant and music venue, fittingly start em 2019 The Depot. Retrieved November 11, Additionally, the original slate roof was replaced by copper plates erste bank eishockey liga to leaking problems. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Ohne zusätzlich übernommene Verpflichtung zur Depotüberwachung ist eine Depotbank nicht schadensersatzpflichtig. Aus der Angabe der Verwahrungsart im Depotauszug muss für den Hinterleger eindeutig erkennbar sein, in welcher Weise er Eigentum an den Wertpapieren besitzt. Neben den vertretbaren Wertpapieren derselben Art gelten demnach als girosammelverwahrfähig insbesondere Namensaktien und vinkulierte Namensaktien sowie Schuldbuchforderungen, die im Bundesschuldbuch, dem Schuldbuch eines Sondervermögens des Bundes oder in Schuldbüchern der Länder auf den Namen einer Wertpapiersammelbank eingetragen sind. Angehörige der Wehrmacht sorgten nach den Bombenangriffen für eine baldige Wiederherstellung der Depotanlagen. Sie lagern bei einem ausländischen Zentralverwahrer, jedoch unterhält der inländische Zentralverwahrer Clearstream zu ihm eine gegenseitige Kontenverbindung "CSD-Link" , über die er dem Depotkunden Miteigentum am Wertpapierbestand verschaffen kann. Bekanntester Entschädigungsfall mit kriminellem Hintergrund war in Deutschland der Phoenix Kapitaldienst. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Weitergehende Warn- und Aufklärungspflichten über sämtliche für die Wertentwicklung relevanten Umstände sind aber wegen der Vielzahl von Faktoren weder bestimmbar noch wirtschaftlich praktikabel. Die verschiedenen Verwahrarten unterscheiden sich durch die Rechtsstellung des Depoteigentümers in Bezug auf das Wertpapier sowie die Rechtsgrundlage für die Verwahrung. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden.

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